2017 Toyota Highlander Review

The new 2017 Toyota Highlander Baltimore is a beautiful and sleek three-row family SUV. The upgraded version features an eight speed transmission and additional standard safety technologies integrated into a style you’ll love.

Toyota Highlander Pros

  1. Stronger V6 Engine

This new performance boosting engine outputs 295 horse power and 263 foot pounds of torque.  The large 5000 pound towing capacity makes this vehicle great for transporting a trailer.

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  1. Eight speed transmission

The transmission is more responsive, making all the shifts much smoother. Overall, it makes it a really enjoyable vehicle to drive.

  1. Upgraded sleek style

If you’re looking for a sportier version from the former model, Toyota’s 2017 model is a definite must. The platinum finished grill and the striking set of wheels gives the Highlander a signature look.

  1. Eight people seating

This spacious vehicle seats up to eight people and features reclining second row seats, making it great for road trips with friends, maximizing the comfort on the road. The last row of seats can be folded when you need extra storage space.

  1. A super safe ride

Along with the excellent SUV’s impact protection, the new Highlander comes equipped with driving aids, helping to get from point A to B in the safest way possible. Adaptive cruise control and lane departure come standard in the Highlander. The new version includes automatic braking tech along with pedestrian detection, protecting those in the vehicle and everyone around it. The option 360 degree camera improves the visibility of your surround area, helping you to make smart and safe decisions.

  1. SE model provides a sporty feel

Those who are looking for a sporty look should opt for the Highlander SE. It features a stiffer suspension system, allowing for better control on the roads. The performance tire set is also a plus.

Toyota Highlander Cons

  1. Tight third row seating

Though it’s not the most comfortable area to sit in, it gets the job done. Making the last row a pretty tight squeeze is a sacrifice that’s made when making the second row more comfortable.

  1. Not a rugged vehicle

This vehicle would be fine on a basic dirt trail, but anything more than that is a no no.


The new 2017’s model is engineered to be safer and more stylish. This alone will be intriguing to buyers. Those looking for at Toyota Highlander Baltimore will be pleased to see the various options available to them.

If you’re looking for a safe, customized vehicle, Toyota Highlander Baltimore offers a range of the new models with all the optional upgrades for a steal.