4 Common Myths about Buying Used Cars Debunked

The used car space is growing at a good rate, but still, people come across have some horror stories of getting duped. This creates an aura of negativity among the potential buyers of used cars. You need to understand that as a sector the used car market is now quite organised and this incidence of getting scammed are rare.

For your benefit, here is the truth about the 4 most common myths so that you don’t fall for it.

1. Cash Is King: Using cash for buying a used car is no doubt an option, but it is not the only one available. If you check for instance the online portal for certified used cars in Bangalore,you will find that reputable dealers offer various repayment plans too. It will be in your interest to look at various payment options as sometimes dealers offer better discounts if you get the vehicle financed instead of paying cash up front.

2. Car History Is the Only Important Consideration: It is always advisable to ask for the entire service history of the car you are opting for. This gives you a fair idea about the health of the vehicle. But car history in itself is not the complete document to rely on. Take the help of professional services to examine the vehicle thoroughly so that if there is any minor issue it can be fixed before it leads to anything major.

3. Buy from Private Seller: The private sellers often offer a better deal.There is no doubt about it. But, then you cannot be sure of the quality of vehicle unless you know the seller for long. They can withhold some information that can get you in trouble later shelling out much more than what you saved initially. Buying from certified dealers saves you all this trouble, though they charge a certain premium.

4. Go for Low Mileage Car: People prefer going for vehicles that are not run much as they believe it is better. The key here lies in getting the vehicle thoroughly checked because if the upkeep of the vehicle is not good even a low mileage car can give you trouble.

The key to getting the best deal is to keep away from myths and go with realities.

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