A Guide to the Anavar Tamoxifen Cycle

If you are planning to start the Anavar Tamoxifen Cycle, you should have a clear idea about each of the components individually. Anavar is basically an artificial anabolic-androgenic steroid whose generic name is Oxandrolone. Medically it is used to treat osteoporosis, helps in gaining weight etc. This is a very mild steroid which is used by bodybuilders in gaining muscle mass and losing that extra body fat. Tamoxifen, which is the other component, is one of the oldest SERM whose generic name is Nolvadex. This steroid is medically used to treat breast cancer in women. But male bodybuilders use it to prevent the condition gynecomastia. Tamoxifen, due to its side effects, is no longer legally approved for over the counter sale in the US. But it can be conveniently purchased online.

Function of Anavar

The steroid formula Anavar is considered as anexcellent option to get a toned physique. It is known to increase vascularity, harden the muscle, burn the extra fat in your body and improve your overall performance as an athlete. By increasing the synthesis of phosphocreatine within the muscle tissues, it improves your energy level and strength. During the cutting cycles, it works best by reducing the extra calories and at the same time retaining the lean muscles to give your body a lean look. Here, you got an idea about the functions of Anavar, but in order to start a cycle, you need to know the functions of both anavar and tamoxifien.

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Mechanism of Tamoxifen

Tamoxifenis actually a prodrug, which has a little attraction for its target protein, the ER (estrogen receptor). In the human liver, it gets metabolized into active metabolites like 4-OHT and endoxifen which are known to have 30 to 100 times more attraction for the ER compared to Tamoxifen. These metabolites which are very active compete with the estrogen in our body for binding with ER. Normally, it is seen in the breast tissue, 4-OHT tends to act as an ER antagonist to inhibit the transcription of genes that are estrogen-responsive.

The actual Anavar Tamoxifen Cycle

If you are trying to look for any information about how to carry out this cycle, you will come across a lot of bodybuilding forum discussion threads that contain information based only on guesswork and experimentation. It is very important to note that, each of our body reacts differently to these steroids, so you should not blindly follow any of those reviews. In this article, we have tried to give you a rough idea of how a 12 week Anavar and Tamoxifen cycle might be of.

  • During week 1 to7 – You can start with 30 mg and keep increasing by 10 mg every week.
  • In the 7th week – The dose of Anavar should be decreased by 10 mg for one week.
  • From the 8th week – Anavar should be stopped. Start using Tamoxifenwith an initial dose of approximately 40 mg daily.
  • During week 9 to 12 – The dosage of Tamoxifenshould be reduced to 20 mg per day.

Whichever, cycle you follow, it is always recommended that you start off slowly keeping a watch on the side effects.

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