A Guide to the Correct Use of an Embossing Seal

Sealing is a documenting tradition that seems to get better with age. Seals have been known to raise the trust levels of the recipient of the letter. This ensured information was confidential especially in wax seals that had to be broken for one to read the contents. The modern day embossing seal serves both the security and design purpose.

Understanding How the Seal Works
This is a tool that draws patterns into a surface by raising the surface of the engraved material. These simultaneously use a raised dye and a recessed dye to emboss. Your paper goes in between the two dyes that fit each other perfectly. The raised dye pumps then stock through the paper when you apply pressure but the recessed dye blocks from below. This in turn brings out the raised area. The raised areas are curved to an image by the metal plates that interlock, covering the dyes and paper between them.

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How to Use the Embossing Seal
When embossing, one should consider the following factors to have the desired print on your paper. Apply the right pressure on the paper used minding its thickness. You then need to control the heat levels and lastly the engraver should allow a greater dye depth to achieve a better seal. Using this tool follows simple steps: first unlock the embosser to allow the metal plates to detach. Secondly, place the paper in between the plates applying the right pressure to crimp the paper.

The Reasons for Having These Seals
Having a seal to your paper or letter not only increases its appeal but also aids in the security of your paper. It also helps in increasing the productivity of your paper. The mere cost of making a dye and the engraver all in faking a document can be quite costly. Therefore, embossing eliminates counterfeits, normally made from copying, scanning and printing of documents. Therefore, investing in a costly dye will make it even more difficult for forgery and reproduction as in the case for certificates, diplomas and other official documents.

Its Common Uses
Embossed seals are used in authenticating documents for recognition and preventing forgery. A good case is documents issues by a notary public. They use this for their legal papers. Besides improving the quality and design, embossed seals have also been used in postal stamps for postage.

Choosing the Right Seal
You consider a number of factors prior to getting your own embosser. The nature of your use and organization will guide the type of embosser you will buy. For corporate purposes, it is essential to choose one that can comfortably handle large volumes, one that is durable and with crisp prints. The size can also influence your choice; you can choose either a desktop style, hand-held or a smaller enough for a pocket style. The nature of the dye or wax will also determine the seal you use. Lastly, the company to buy from should be able to affordably customize and offer the seal and dye.

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