Advantages of Neon Signs over the Traditional Lights

Neon signs have always been known for being among the best mediums of business promotion for years. They are popular for their attractive prices, and they can be used for numerous purposes like business banners, location direction, advertising products and event banners just to mention a few.

Neon lights are made of neon and a particular gas, which are combined with electricity to produce an effect of neon illumination. The gas and neon are put into a tube, and the tube can be structured into any design or shape, and this makes it simple and attractive way of business endorsement. Some of the benefits and uses of  neon signs are:

They have high visibility

They are ideal for business and especially beneficial for small or new businesses since they offer high visibility and this makes them outstanding.

Custom shapes and sizes

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These signs are probably the only banner medium that can be customized and molded into any design and shape that an individual wants very easily. The best thing about neon lights is that they can never hurt your budget. Molding them into your business logo is very beneficial as it draws people’s attention and also, people can remember your firm’s name easily.

They are the best for night time

As mentioned, they offer high visibility, and this makes them perfect for evening hours. They are beneficial for small businesses since they can be spotted during the day and night. They are also the best for firms that offer services 24/7 like foodtakeouts and other emergency services.

Energy saving

The lights are created from a mixture of gas and neon and use electricity to activate the light. This makes neon light low on energy, and they are approximated to save up to 50% compared to traditional lamps. Energy saving is a benefit for you since you can save on your budget.

They have a wide operating range

Neon lights are durable, and they have a broad range of operation and the ability to be used on a high voltage without any issues.

Long life

If the neon lights are well built, they have a record of being durable and lasting for up to ten or twelve years, unlike the traditional light that lasts for only seven months.

They are easy to use and set up

These lights do not require much work for set up, and if set with the right promotion strategy in place, you can use them anywhere since they are safe for both inside and outside use.

They attract clients

This goes without saying as the lights have been used as a medium of brand awareness since the 1950’s. The lights are bright and have a unique ability to set any shape thus catching the passerby’s attention.

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