Are anabolic steroids legal in the UK?

Anabolic steroids are identified as artificial versions of the male hormone testosterone. Actually, the proper term that is used is anabolic-androgenic steroids. In this phrase, anabolic means muscle building whereas androgenic refers to improved male sexual features. These compounds are also named as Stackers, Gear, Roids and Juice. AAS are prescription-only compounds that are habitually taken by numerous athletes and bodybuilders without a medical consent for augmenting muscle mass and also to improve their athletic performance. When they are utilized in this process, they emit severe side effects besides addition. Anabolic steroids have got confined medical uses and they are way different from corticosteroids.

Anabolic steroids have emerged to become a part of the normal life of the bodybuilding community but according to many doctors and governments, they shouldn’t be continued to be used for recreational use. This is the reason why the use of these compounds is surrounded with legal hassles. In a nation like the UK and many other Western nations, a huge portion of the government wants to restrict these compounds for good. In this nation, it is illegal to buy or possess these compounds and a simple process of possessing these compounds minus a legitimate prescription can send you to a prison for a year or a fine of $1,000.

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The use of Testosterone in the UK

The UK anabolic steroid users commonly gain an access to three forms of unlawful testosterone-based injectables and they are Testosterone Enanthate, TestosterneCypionate and Testosterone Propionate. All these types supply identical muscle-building benefits to the UK steroid users. However, the difference lies only in their potency. Testosterone is identified as a chief hormone and both the genders produce this hormone to a certain degree. Men do produce more than women and for this reason, they gain masculine features like baldness and facial hair. A huge number of manufacturers produce this compound including ProChem, Organon, British Dragon, Schering etc.

If you wish to buy this compound you have to purchase them from the internet or from a dealer because a physician is never going to prescribe this hormone. If you inject these artificial hormones, you will improve your muscular growth but they ought to be taken in combination with a proper nutrition diet and laborious training. The injectable version of testosterone is liable for improving the production of red blood cells, protein synthesis and they also lessen recovery times. However, when used improperly, users experience side effects like high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, acne, man boobs, gynecomastia and water retention.

Importing steroids to the UK

Be aware when you import anabolic steroids into the UK. As in this country, it is illegal to buy or possess anabolic steroids so if you buy them from abroad and then import those into this country then it will be viewed absolutely legal. For this reason, numerous people visit different countries to purchase steroids and return to this country armed with them. Many governments, however, do wish to put a restriction on steroids but they lack the legal footwork for the same.