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Candles have been a major part of human history. Before the discovery of electricity and light bulbs, people used candles and lamps for lighting purposes. But this was not the only purpose these were used. Many religions and spiritual groups used candles for their rituals and traditional ceremonies. Ancient people used to believe that candles connected the physical and spiritual worlds. Fire and Flame are a symbol of creation and candle are the means to enlighten one’s self. Different colored candles have a different meaning. For example, white candles are used for representing innocence and purity and a black candle is for protection from negative energy.

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Even after the loss of its initial purpose and coming of modern age where most people don’t believe in old rituals, candles haven’t lost their significance. These days they may be used for decoration and set the mood for a romantic date. But still, some people use them to perform their ancient rituals passed down from generation to generation. With the availability of spiritual products from online stores, it has become relatively easy for them to get the right materials for their rituals. Moreover, these online stores have a wide range of products. But only Wisdom Products have the widest range of high-quality products including candles, incense, oils, perfumes, spiritual water, gemstones, etc. Visit us for more information about our products.

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