Buying Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for Your Hotel

Housekeepers for hotels need special cleaning equipment.  Unlike homeowners, they clean hundreds of hotel rooms every day.  Therefore it is imperative that each housekeeper needs their own commercial vacuum cleaner.  An ordinary one simply will not do.  Not only do they need to clean all floors, but furniture and upholstery must be spotless and germ-free as well.  So the vacuum should also come with attachments.

Let’s say you are in charge of housekeeping for a large hotel.  That means you are responsible for purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaner for each housekeeper.  Where do you start?  Begin with the names you may already be familiar with, like Hoover or Bissell or Sanitaire.  They manufacture many different models of super-strength quality, specifically designed for use in hotels.  Frequently you have a choice of an upright or a canister model.  Again you want a vacuum with multiple tools that can reach into crevices, handle furniture and draperies, and serve as a high-strength dusting machine too.

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Now that you have decided to buy a score of commercial vacuum cleaners, you must find someplace that sells them.  You want a company that has great knowledge of this industry.  Then you want a sales person that is a virtual guru when it comes to models specifically designed for hotel rooms.  Ideally you want a vendor who specializes in selling all kinds of hotel supplies.  There will come times when you need other supplies.   If you love the vacuums, you ought to be able to get the other supplies and tools from the same company.  You want someone that truly and completely understands the needs of your business.

When looking for your unique vendor, although you will want to get all of your items from him or her, start with a search for a commercial vacuum cleaner, then take it from there.  Now is your opportunity to find out if this person knows their stuff.  Are they an expert in hotel tools and supplies?  Are they willing to go out of their way to take care of you?  When it is crunch time and you need something pronto, can they deliver for you?  Do they offer a plethora of choices when it comes to vacuums and other tools?  These are things you must know about your prospective vendor.  Whether you have a small, intimate hotel or one of multiple hotel giants in your region of the Earth, you will need vacuums and other merchandise.  The supplier you choose should be able to accommodate you, no matter which size facility you run.

To find the perfect vendor for your hotel, simply go online and do a search.  No doubt you will find a few, but only one will stand out from the crowd.  Call that vendor immediately to see if you can build a rapoire with him or her.  You should both have the same goal in mind – the success of your hotel.  Do that today!