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Loss is inevitable at one time or another. One way to buffer oneself from the effects of loss is through insurance. Insurance is the protection of an insured from financial loss caused by uncertainty. It is risk transfer that ensures full or partial financial compensation for damage or loss caused by events beyond the insured’s control. Cameo Insurance covers the following forms of insurance.

Home insurance

One’s home counts as a very valuable asset not only for the investment it represents but for its sentimental value. Homeowner’s insurance is a form of property insurance that covers private residences. The policy combines personal insurance protections that include loss of one’s home, its contents, loss of its use and liability insurance for accidents.

Commercial insurance

A place from which one earns their livelihood is important. Irrespective of the size, every business, company or corporation requires insurance. Based on the products, assets, liabilities and specific of the business there is comprehensive insurance to cover every aspect of it. Some corporations and companies also offer their employee insurance against unforeseen loss.

Motor insurance

Motor insurance protects one against damage caused to the vehicle and the third party. The contractual agreement thereof is; the insured agrees to pay premiums, and the insurance company then agrees to pay for the insured losses. Motor insurance includes property, liability, and medical coverage. Property coverage caters for the damage or theft of the vehicle. Liability coverage caters for one’s legal responsibility to others for harm caused.

Health insurance

Illness, accidents or disability may lead to financial strains.  Health insurance provides cover for a person and their family against medical contingency and bodily injuries. The insurance covers for medical expenses which could be expensive. This is based on the estimated risk of health care and the health system expenses to develop a premium rate.

Personal accident insurance

Sometimes accidents may occur rendering the breadwinner incapacitated to provide for one’s family. This form of insurance helps the family members deal with the associated financial instability. The policy covers for four contingencies: death, permanent total instability, permanent partial instability and temporary total disability. It is inexpensive and highly recommended.

Every day, consciously or otherwise we face a lot of risks. Sharing or mitigating the risk is the wisest step we could take. Call Cameo Insurance to find out the right insurance cover for your needs.

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