Choosing a Contemporary Fireplace for Your Decor

Direct vent fireplaces are perfect partners with contemporary decor because they both have a sleek and modern design. A contemporary-styled room usually incorporates high ceilings into its design that can create a hard to heat space. That’s because most of the heat naturally rises upward, leaving the lower part of the room with much colder temps. A direct vent fireplace can combat this temperature irregularity by radiating welcome heat into the room and increasing the comfort level dramatically.

The dramatic see-through design of a direct vent fireplace can lend a strong element of beauty and elegance to contemporary decor that otherwise can be a bit stark-looking. Enlivening the decor with dancing multi-colored flames behind clear glass doors can command interest, making the room seem more inviting. The fire, seeming to rise magically from the bed of white river stones adds to the dramatic effect.

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Use a See-Through Contemporary Fireplace as a Room Divider

When paired with contemporary decor, a see-through gas fireplace can act as a stylish room divider in the middle of a large open space. The fireplace, being open on both sides with glass doors, will visually separate the one large area into two more intimate spaces. Using a double sided fireplace will heat both spaces equally and keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

A see-through fireplace prevents the two areas from feeling boxed in and provides dramatic architectural flair for both rooms. A see-through gas fireplace provides the clean lines of contemporary decor, yet adds a golden warmth that makes the room seem more inviting. The fireplace adds a certain something that invites people to linger and relax before the flames.

Direct Vent Fireplaces Are Different

Traditional fireplaces use the air inside of a room to create combustion of fuel, usually wood. As the fire burns, smoke and other toxic gases are produced, to be sucked up the chimney and out of the house. The smoke and gas fumes travel up the flue, which is a long pipe vented to the outside.

The direct vent fireplace is not only just as beautiful as a conventional styled fireplace; it is much more efficient when it comes to eliminating toxic fumes from a house. With its two-pipe design, the toxic fumes and smoke from the fire are directly vented straight outside of the home without having to travel up a long pipe.

With a conventional fireplace that pulls air from the inside of the home, this same action causes cold air to be drawn from outdoors through air leaks around doors and windows. This inefficient heating system is a huge waste of money for the homeowner.

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