Genie Scientific

Genie Scientific (GS) is a furniture manufacture supply company located in Fountain Valley, California dedicated to the research, design, and development of proven and innovative furniture manufacture laboratory equipment. GS has been in operation for over 30 years and has established itself as a leader in their field. They have earned their reputation in the industry by providing many California furniture manufacturers with high-quality steel casework, fume hoods, and other related products. They have also worked closely with industrial, pharmaceutical, research and development firms as well as health care organizations.

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Their most popular products include a full-size bench-top fume hood, the walk-in fume hood, and their reliable standard lab casework. This company is best well known for its high-quality fume hoods and has been manufacturing them for over 30 years. Genie Scientific’s fume hoods are well known to be the most durable, reliable, and safest fume hoods available on the market- and GS has the remarkable distinction of maintaining their right to that impressive claim since the early 1980s. Their fume hoods also come with a range of customizable options which make them extraordinarily versatile and capable of being made to suit the specific needs of just about any furniture manufacturer or other types of laboratory environment. They are made around a steel superstructure which is lined with specially formulated chemical-resistant liners and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Genie Scientific are also well known for their laboratory workstations, tables, and laboratory counter tops. The sustainability and growth of GS stem from their ability to pivot ably within the market. The company’s flexibility is attributable largely to their talented upper management and the fact that they control every aspect of their design and production process within one self-contained facility.