Maintaining Libido when using Anavar

A section of body builders and athletes have been using steroids to improve muscle growth, strength or stamina. The steroids are mostly the androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) varieties and over a long time, their side effects manifest in many different ways. One of the serious side effects is reduced libido or sexual desire when steroids are used in huge amounts over a long period of time. Why would an androgenic drug which is supposed to help in sexual desire and treatment of infertility cause the opposite effect? Many people start using these kinds of drugs without knowing the full facts about them and end up complaining about side effects.

Pharmacology of Oxandrolone

AAS contains mostly Testosterone or one its many derivatives. In the case of Anavar, it contains Oxandrolone, a 17-alpha methylated derivative of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone. This is a synthetic drug which is orally active than the injectable forms of the drug. This makes it a widely used drug by many people. This is a prescription only drug for people who have suffered severe burns, general or surgical trauma, catabolic illness, anemia, HIV/AIDS, angioedema, alcoholic hepatitis and hypogonadism. Consuming the drug produces testosterone in the blood stream, which helps in many ways for growth. But to keep your libido high, additional prescriptions drugs are also recommended as this drug may reduce the libido of the user.

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Drug Interactions

It was mentioned that the drug is orally active and hence can survive the first pass in theliver. This means the drug does not suffer in the liver and delivers the hormone into the blood stream. Being an agonist of androgen receptors, it does not act on androgenic tissues like skin, hair follicle, etc. But they have high anabolic effects on the body. In essence, the drug helps in high protein synthesis which directly helps muscle growth, lean body mass and higher bone density. Over a period of long term, the drug leaves a large amount of testosterone in the blood. This large quantity is sensed by the hypothalamus part of the brain and it signals the pituitary gland and testes to stop producing testosterone. If this is allowed for a long time, then the testes lose their ability to manufacture the hormone become dysfunctional. Once natural testosterone production is stopped, the libido or sexual desire of men reduces. This can even lead to low sperm count, low motility of sperms or infertility.

Side Effects and Safety

Like many steroids, this drug also exhibits a lot of side effects. The most common side effects are headache, mood swings, aggression and hair loss. Women who are on this drug may start to exhibit men-like characteristics like deepened voice, hair growth or loss, enlarged clitoris or virility. Men may exhibit priapism and increased acne. Over long-term abuse, this may result in decreased libido in men. In order to keep your libido high, it is best combined with other drugs like plain testosterone or Proviron or creatine. The effects may show even after the drug has been discontinued. So those who are planning to use the drug for whatever use, one should consult a medical practitioner.

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