Top Attractions When Visiting San Francisco

There are many attractions that have helped make San Francisco the legendary city that it is. Long seen as a favored out west destination since even before the time of Jack London to becoming a major counter-cultural center of the hippie movement in the 1960’s, to one of the leaders in the emergence of Silicon Valley technology in modern times “The City on the Bay,” as it is often called, has become an extremely popular tourist destination for good reason. Take a look at the various RV rentals deals around, get a solid deal, and take that long awaited holiday to San Francisco!

The Golden Gate Bridge

Yes, conventional, but are you really going to visit San Francisco and not visit The Golden Gate Bridge? One of the all-time iconic sites, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the modern wonders of the world, and the original idea was often mocked as “the bridge that couldn’t be built.” Connecting Oakland and San Francisco across the Bay, this is an incredible site and includes sidewalks for walking or biking across, as well. Snap a picture for an incredible view, or drive over it for a sense of just how incredible this bridge really is.

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Take a Tour of Alcatraz

The Golden Gate Bridge is only one of several attractions. The once (in)famous prison of Alcatraz is located out on the island of the same name in San Francisco Bay. Now a tourist attraction, you can take a ferry to the prison that once held many of the most fearsome criminals in the United States and which was believed to be inescapable. If you’re going to see San Francisco you go see the Golden Gate Bridge and you go visit the Rock of Alcatraz.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park sees more than 13 million visitors a year, and that’s not hard to understand when you see just how much it has to offer. Larger than the famed Central Park of New York, it’s home to a wide array of trails, open natural spaces, gardens, museums, and more. Make sure to check out popular attractions like the Osher Rain Forest, The Japanese Tea Garden, or the California Academy of Sciences.

Take a Trolley Ride

While getting a good deal on RV rentals is a great way to start your travels to San Francisco, taking a trolley ride needs to be top of the list of experiences once you actually get into the city. One of the few U.S. cities still left with an impressive trolley system, these cable cars show you some of the best the city has to show and offers an incredibly unique and enjoyable San Francisco experience.

The Famous Mission District

San Francisco has plenty of famous neighborhoods and districts, but it’s hard to compete with the reputation of the famed Mission District. Sticking to its strong Bohemian roots and retaining a 60’s and 70’s San Francisco charm, this is a great spot to visit where you feel like you’re actually in a living piece of the city’s remarkable history.

The Chinatown

Yes, many cities have a Chinatown, but when you’re talking about the famous Chinatown, that’s the one found in San Francisco! If you want to see what every type of authentic Chinese cooking really tastes like and get a first-hand look at the immigration of Chinese culture this is the place. One of the oldest settlements of ethnically Chinese in all of North America, and considered one of the largest communities of Asians outside of Asia in the world, this is a truly unique and different experience that no one should miss.

Make sure you take the time not only to restaurant hop but to also visit the wide array of temples, theaters, or teahouses that are also very commonplace and create a truly unique vacation flavor or experience.

Enjoy The Twin Peaks

A strongly underrated attraction that many believe is even better at night, this refers to two uninhabited hills that are side by side. While not quite the tallest hills in San Fran, they are close, and easy to drive to. They offer some of the best views of the city that you are going to find, and just about every popular city view photograph of San Francisco at night comes from one of these intentionally undeveloped locations. Wonderful way to capture a truly beautiful city in all of its glory.

Visiting a Majestic City

San Francisco is a fantastic city and it will quickly become apparent why it is one of the true jewels of the West Coast. There are many different places worth visiting in California, and getting a good deal on one of your next RV rentals is the perfect starting point to kicking off an epic road trip up and down the West Coast. These excellent points of interest are just scratching the surface of what the city has to offer.