Top Winter Airsoft Tips

Winter is here and the weather is cold, however this doesn’t mean that we have to stop enjoying airsoft, we simply need to make a few adjustments and prepare ourselves. If you are looking to enjoy airsoft as much as possible this winter, and encourage your friends too, then today you are in luck – We are going to in this post provide a handful of handy tips to get airsofters through the cold months.

Top Tips

Wear tinted lenses: When participating in airsoft and using airsoft bb guns during winter to many people’s surprise, it is advisable to wear tinted glasses. Winter sun, even when it is freezing can be absolutely blinding because the sun is much lower in the sky. If you want perform well in airsoft in winter, you need tinted glasses. This will not only allow you to play to the best of your ability but will also stop you from have to squint and stop you from getting headaches.

Wear layers: This one might sound obvious but it is important. If you are cold and your body is cold, your muscles will be cold also and you won’t be able to game to the best of your ability. Stay warm- Ensure that you wear multiple thin layers instead of one thick layer. Thermal leggings and tops are always great.

Warm up: Before playing airsoft in winter it can be a good idea to warm up thoroughly – when the weather is cold people are at even higher risks of pulling their muscles therefore they must warm up and stretch their muscles before entering the airsoft field. You can warm up either inside or outside whether you want – Maybe arrange for your entire team to warm up together, this could also be a bit of extra fun for you.

Prepare for wind: Prepare yourself for strong winds – this does not only mean that you need to wear appropriate clothing but also that you should consider what bb pellets you are using. When it is windy out, we recommend using a heavier bb than you are used to. You will find that this may lower your range but it will also make your shooting more effective.

Stay hydrated: Many people fail to stay hydrated when it is cold outside – Although cold; if you are wearing warm clothing and moving around quickly you are bound to still get sweaty and lose water. Make sure that you drink plenty of water on a regular basis and take some with you in your backpack.

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