Why should I buy Lambs from Romania?

According to the EU statistics office, Romania occupies the third position in the European Union, after UK and Spain regarding sheep breeding. Generally speaking, Romanians are not regular consumers of Lamb and mutton and for this reason, the country is prepared to export approximate more than 1 million of heads of sheep every year.

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The birth of the lambs

First of all, the weaning process of the lambs can normally begin at eight weeks old. The ewe’s babies are separated from their mothers and turned out in the pasture out of sight and earshot of them.

The ideal condition for the birth of the lambs is granted by the spring when the weather is mild and the grass is abundant.

Besides, when the day length becomes shorter, namely in the fall, the ewe’s brain will be activated. As a consequence, it will release hormones that will start her reproductive system.

Nevertheless, ewes can be mothers by the time they reach their first birthday, depending on some factors like breed nutrition and management. It’s absolutely fine for the ewe to give birth to lambs in the first year of life, but the condition required is to achieve approximately two-thirds of her mature size (weight) before being bred. As a matter of fact, ewe lambs can be bred at 7 to 9 months of age or at 2 years old. It depends on many aspects. Actually, different breeds of sheep reach sexual maturity at different ages.

Reasons to eat lamb

Lambs represent the foundation of the livestock business because they can be raised for many reasons. In other words, they are raised for their savory and organic meat. In general, they can be sent to be slaughtered at five to eight months.

The meat prepared and cooked in good conditions provides nutritional benefits to the human body. For instance, it is richer in iron than is chicken and fish. It is well-known that the consumption of Lamb can be an excellent component of a healthy diet.

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Seradria, one of the best livestock exporter

Seradria is a company with a great experience in selling lambs at good prices in different countries like Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, and Israel. The company is specialized in exporting lambs since 1994. Periodically, the company exports lambs via sea routes to the Mediterranean region, in North Africa and on Eastern Mediterranean coast.

The farm is located near the Cluj Napoca city in the town of Rascruci and is created in accordance with all standardization required by the Union European.

Also, Seradria can provide shipments of lambs and ewes to many countries from Arab Peninsula like Israel and Lebanon.

Of course, all the lambs and ewes are available for sale in great numbers and they can be delivered per client’s request, with or without wool. All blood analysis and vaccines are done properly to Union European standards. If you’re considering to buy lambs via online, in order to choose wisely don’t hesitate and check out for further information.

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