3 Wainscoting Installation Solutions for Your Home

When you are looking for wainscoting ideas, you need to consider the way the new panels will be installed too. No matter which style you choose, the job must be done right. Done wrong and the whole idea of having an attractive room disappears into thin air. The last thing you want is to waste money and time. Even if you are a handyman, you might lack the time or patience. Don’t forget that wainscoting panels are supposed to run the walls of the room at their lower section to create structure and add volume. Installed the wrong way and your efforts will go in vain.

Why you should leave wainscoting installation to the pros

Although DIY enthusiasts love the idea of installing a raised panel on their own, they basically do it to save money. Here we offer the three ways of installing wainscoting but do recommend that the job is done by a professional. Don’t forget that not all homes are constructed perfectly. There might be floor imperfections, uneven wall sections, door casing, windows, and other obstructions. It takes great dexterity and expertise to install the panels correctly whether you choose low or full wall panel wainscoting.


Wainscoting panels tailored to your needs

One way to go is to choose a company that will offer wainscoting design ideas and installation service. This is often a must especially if you have walls with too many windows, columns, openings etc. On top of that, you will need customized solutions so that the wall panels will match perfectly with the existing structural elements and trims. This is also the best solution when you need assistance choosing the right design, material, and size for each room.Model-Home Makeover offered luxury home renovations that can be perfect with your home interior.

You can always get wainscoting kits

You can find several suppliers on the market that will provide you with modern wainscoting kits. These packages would include the pre-cut pieces, which are often pre-finished too for your convenience. These kits might include recessed, raised, shaker or other wainscoting styles. They can be installed by you or a professional.

If you decide to do the job alone, check that you get everything you need – panels, stiles, baseboards, tools etc. It’s also vital to measure well the room and take into account outlets, doors, openings, windows, radiators etc. As you can see the job is not easy. It takes good preparation ahead and accurate measurement. You might also need to cut some pieces to fit them well on the wall since the new beadboard must be adjusted around the existing architectural elements and outlets. If there are old panels on the wall, you will need to remove them carefully so that you won’t cause damage.

Don’t forget that wood panels should be left in the room for a few days to acclimate to the new environment. Yes, it’s cheaper to buy the kit and everything you need and install the wainscoting yourself but it comes with the price of great hassle and with the risk of doing the job incorrectly.

How about settling with faux wainscoting?

Installing a faux wainscoting is the most frugal and fastest wall renovation. You just give the impression of having a wall panel while all you install are the main trims. After all, the intention of wainscoting walls is to draw a line on the lower section to make two separate wall sections. Your goal is to make the eyes move up, follow the clean line, and feel the texture.

You can fool the eye by using molding as the chair rail, create boxes for the section underneath, and complete the job with the installation of the baseboard – if there isn’t any. It still needs great attention to make the line straight. You don’t want the chair rail following a crooked line. And the boxes must be placed straight while they must have the same distance from one another and from other trims or the end of the wall.

You can keep the trims painted a different color from the wall or mimic a flat panel completely by painting the entire section from the chair rail down a different color from the wall above. It’s doable but not always easy. Pay attention to measurements and wall flaws. And make sure the molding is glued or nailed properly.

There are expensive and inexpensive solutions when it comes to installing a flat or shaker panel wainscoting. But don’t forget that the price also depends on the material you choose and the space you want to cover while an incorrect DIY installation might cost you more. All the same, you have three good choices.