Do You Really Need Liquor Liability Insurance?  

A bar or restaurant that serves alcohol already has to pay a pretty penny for a liquor license, so it may seem as though liquor liability insurance is simply out of the question for an already stretched budget. But the smart business owner can see the forest through the trees. This special insurance may be the only thing that keeps your business alive in one of many unfortunate events that can occur as a result of too much alcohol.

Liquor liability insurance is what protects you from having to pay for any damage or fees that may result from the actions of an inebriated customer in your establishment. While it is partially dependent on the circumstances, owners are generally obligated to pay for both property or injury expenses in cases like these — and commercial insurance may only cover a very small portion (or none at all.) This is a special form of insurance that ensures you won’t be crippled by having to pay the full cost of it all.

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People are Unpredictable

Bartenders and servers are supposed to monitor patron’s alcohol intake, and then stop them when they can’t seem to stop themselves. However, they’re not expected to have psychic powers or a breathalyzer at the ready. Someone may seem perfectly fine and functional until they aren’t. Unfortunately, this change can happen in a heartbeat, and owners cannot be expected to know when and how it’s going to happen. Guests may become violent and challenge one another, which can result in either a fight or property destruction. There’s also the matter of the establishment’s responsibility in DUI situations. If someone gets in their car after leaving your establishment and then causes an accident on the way back, you may be held responsible for the injured party’s medical or property expenses.

Take Extra Precautions

Aside from insurance, how you train your staff to deal with alcohol can be an easy way to limit the chances you’ll ever be compromised by liquor liability. Talk to them about how to mix drinks, how to notice someone’s had too many, and when to call a taxi against their wishes. Give people an idea of what the consequence can be if they let someone go overboard.

Final Thoughts

A liquor liability insurance policy can be customized to your business, so you can get complete piece of mind. For example, it’s not uncommon for assault or battery to occur when a bartender or server tries to escort someone off the premises. Or you may be faced with litigation charges after being sued for liability. Investing in your insurance policy is one of the best things you can do to protect your business from all that may happen in your bar or restaurant due to alcohol consumption.