Trust Reading rat control specialists

Rats are scavengers with a knack for being highly destructive, vastly intelligent and as for their breeding rates, you’d probably rather not know. Let’s just say they like to procreate!

If you find that your property is host to a rat infestation, maybe via clues like their generous droppings, rub marks on glass or if you hear scratching, you need to contact rat control Reading professionals immediately. Some firms offer a 1 hour response time.

As rats spread germs and disease it’s natural that they are candidates for urgent eviction.

Rat control Reading experts know and understand the risks and the safe procedures.

Did you realise that risks to health include:

Any contact with contaminated items including consuming food or drink, touching their droppings, dead rodents, their blood, saliva or other bodily fluids. Breathing in contaminated air can have serious ramifications.

Rat bites and scratches can also be dangerous.

Seek professional pest control Reading advice

Please don’t attempt DIY treatments because rats have learned how to resist over the counter poisons. “Super-rats” can consume the products without any ill effects. Trust professional pest control Reading firms with access to treatments and experiences that are not available in the public domain.

Poisons for vermin control can lead to hygiene issues. Dead rodents in inaccessible areas like cavity walls and roof spaces can create a stench and attract other pests who feed on their corpses.

Children, pets, visitors and the person who administers the poison are at risk from it. Poisons have been consumed as sweets by little people and intrigued pets with awful consequences.

Only qualified licensed professionals should handle treatments and rodents.

Destructive critters

To build their nests and to feed themselves, rats chew any material or item that they consider to be useful. They’ll attack wood, fabrics, paper, wires, packaging and upholstery. They will also harm your drywall or damage your insulation without a qualm. Chewed wiring represents a fire risk. Never ignore it.

The more hidden that a nest material is, the more secure the rat will feel obtaining it.

Rats will devour any items that hold nutritional value, anything to survive. As they trundle about they will contaminate everywhere they go, including the food items which allows food related illnesses like salmonellosis to occur.

Please clear up crumbs, close cupboard doors and minimise the risks to food, humans and pets. Incidentally, rats will happily snaffle pet food.

Call the professionals

For example, Pest Control Berkshire’s team has over 25 years’ experience with rat infestations across Berkshire and the surrounding counties. Professionals have learned which approaches and treatments work and the ones that represent a waste of time and energy in terms of effective rodent control.

Place your trust in expert vermin control specialists’ hands. You’ll be relieved by the swift, comprehensive solution.

Remember: Don’t ever touch a dead rat. They pose a health risk to you even when they can no longer scuttle around.

Peace of mind from rat control Reading specialists like Pest Control Berkshire is priceless.

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